Guy checking the diving equipment.Who is it for?

The Dive Safety Review is available to all yachts that have equipment available for scuba diving.


What is included?

  • Dive Equipment Review
  • Safe Diving Practices Review
  • Air Quality Test (to BS EN 12021) and certificate
  • Action Plan


Dive Equipment Review

The review looks at all the diving related equipment available to ensure that it is suitable and ready for diving. The service schedule will also be checked to ensure that all serviceable items are being maintained in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. Dive Superyacht will also conduct air quality tests to check that the compressor is filling dive quality breathing air.


Safe Diving Practices Review

This part of the review looks closely at the logistics of the dives taking place. Working with the dive crew, the Risk Assessments and Emergency Action Plans will be reviewed to ensure that all key crew are familiar with what actions to take in the event of a diving related emergency.


Who conducts the review?

Dive Superyacht will send out an experienced PADI Instructor who is also a qualified service technician to conduct the review.


How long does it take?

The Dive Safety Review takes approximately half a day to complete, though this will vary depending on the amount of equipment and the number of diving crew on board.


What does it cost?

€595, plus travel expenses.


Commission a Dive Safety Review