DIVE Superyacht offers an equipment leasing service for DIVE Superyacht members wanting up to date, safe scuba diving equipment without the need to purchase and maintain it themselves.

The purchase and maintenance of basic scuba diving equipment over a 3 year period can cost over €8,000 plus shipping and man power. The equipment depreciates and has a minimal residual value at the end of the 3 years.

The cost of leasing diving equipment from DIVE Superyacht is €2,360 per year, and each year we will service and exchange equipment on your boat during your annual audit. This means for a total of €7,080 with no shipping costs you can save time, maintenance and money.

Our tailored diving equipment leasing service not only guarantees you first class working equipment but also relieves captains, owners and management companies from having to invest large sums into equipment and its maintenance.

Example Cost Savings

Year 1 Initial Cost€4840€2360
Year 2 Cost/Maintenance€1645€2360
Year 3 Cost/Maintenance€1645€2360

Total Saving = €1050 + expenses and management


Example package of Equipment

Kit ItemQuantity
Scubapro Regulators 4
Scubapro Octopus4
Suunto Computer gauges4
Scubapro BCD6


Contact us about creating a leasing package