DIVE Superyacht Membership

Allowing captains and key personnel to effectively manage scuba diving operations without the need to employ a full time diving expert.


Why DIVE Superyacht?

  • Tailored diving membership so vessels are able to issue certification to their guests.
  • Access to a highly experienced trained team of dive instructors and master trainers, all of which have taken the new PADI Superyacht Diver training course.
  • Training, advice, equipment, operational guidelines and audit process to become a PADI Dive Boat without the need to specialise as a fully operational dive boat.


Become a DIVE Superyacht member and the unique services include:

  • Recreational scuba diving instruction
  • PADI certified diving courses for all levels from beginner to expert and specialist diving courses
  • Access to equipment maintenance and servicing by professional DIVE Superyacht technicians
  • Assistance in evaluating dive sites globally for your guests
  • Equipment packages and products tailored for superyachts

What you will receive from DIVE Superyacht:

  • DIVE Superyacht operations manual
  • CD containing all the relevant PADI forms and diving information
  • Regular PADI updates regarding training and operations
  • Access to DIVE Superyachts members only area for updates and information
  • E-learning systems for your guests (separate cost depending on the course)
  • Dive superyacht instructor booking system and set prices
  • Equipment links and offers
  • Updates and training for crew managing the diving service on board
  • Discounted specialist equipment servicing, leasing and purchasing

With Padi Membership you will also receive:

  • PADI Membership & PADI Centre Number
  • PADI centre certification and marketing materials
  • PADI branded accessories for guests
  • Access to PADIs own online dive site information centre Scuba Earth

Frequently Asked Questions

How much notice do I need to give to get a PADI Diving Instructor on board my Superyacht?

The more notice we are given the easier it is to ensure we have the right PADI instructor available. However the minimum time would be 10 days and would also depend on travel. Last minute bookings cannot be guaranteed but we will always aim to assist whatever the timescale.

Can I get a PADI Diving instructor anywhere in the world?

Yes, however, it would all depend on travel times and cost. Our team are happy to fly anywhere in the world but the expenses and travel time would be charged to the vessel.

What is the cost of instructors to teach scuba diving?

The costs are on this PDF. The only variables are travel, sustenance, visas and accommodation.

Where can I get an Audit?

Audits can take place anywhere in the world and we always aim to fit around your boats schedule. We have agents in Montenegro, Barcelona and Monaco who are able to assist with this service.

Can the PADI boat manager be any member of my crew?

Yes, the PADI boat manager should be a member of the crew. This person does not need to be a trained diver, though knowledge of diving is useful but not a necessity. We will assist in their training during the audit process.

Who will be auditing the vessel?

A Dive Superyacht auditor trained and managed by Dive Superyacht

Can I run diving without an instructor on board?

There needs to be a minimum of a PADI Divemaster managing any dives.

How can I be sure that the instructor will deliver at the correct level for our guests?

We will have a full consultation with you with regard to the needs of your guests and ensure you get the right person for the job.

Do the instructors understand how superyachts work?

Yes, as we specialize in Superyacht Diving all of our instructors will be briefed on how superyachts work and they will be trained in the PADI specialty ‘PADI Superyacht Diver’.

Do I need to contact PADI?

No, we will manage everything for you.

Will PADI professionals need assistance for diving from a member of the crew?

During all times a member of the crew will be required to ensure our divers work within the boats operational guidelines. This can be any member of the crew but we would recommend they can also drive the tenders for diving courses.